The Lake of Bled
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Lake Bled

Slovenia’s most famous lake is Lake Bled. Some call Lake Bled ‘pure magic’. Surrounded by mountains, it offers a view that captures your heart. The island with church makes it a unique lake, which you will recognise in every photo!

Swim, Sunbathe, Enjoy

Swim in the crystal-clear waters of the lake. Feel the warm sun on your skin. Relax on the shore. Or take a walk around the lake.

The Lake of Bled

Bled Island: A Unique Discovery

Grab a boat and head to Bled Island. There stands the Church of the Assumption of Mary, a 16th-century wonder. The view from the island is breathtaking. And the boat trip is also quite an experience.

Boat on Lake of Bled

Sailing on the lake

Of course, you can visit the islet in the middle of the lake. For that, you can hire a rowing boat. This is because motorised vehicles are prohibited on Lake Bled. If you don’t want to row yourself, you can also join a boat where you don’t have to row yourself. The traditional ‘Pletna’ type boat operates on the lake. A flat boat as the name suggests.

Bled Castle

On the lake is also Bled Castle. You can’t miss it! It sits on a rock, right next to the lake. The view? Amazing. You look right over the lake and the surrounding area. This castle is old, really old. It comes from the 11th century. One of the oldest castles in Slovenia.

The castle of Bled

You can climb up to it. Follow the steps from the path around the lake. It’s quite a climb, but worth it. Don’t feel like climbing? You can also just get there by car. We saw that only after our climb up.

There is also a lot to see inside the castle. Rooms, halls, a museum. Want to know more about the history? Book a guided tour. A guide will tell you all about how things used to be in this castle.

Questions about Lake Bled:

How long is the hiking trail around Lake Bled?

You can take a beautiful walk around Lake Bled, complete with well-maintained wide footpaths. The route is flat and the total distance of this scenic route is about 6 kilometres.

Is it possible to swim in Lake Bled?

Yes, swimming in Lake Bled is a great experience, especially in summer the water temperature is lovely. Just pay attention to the location: the best place to swim is on the southern side of the lake, such as at Velika Zaka.

Where can I get the best view of Lake Bled?

For the most spectacular views and the perfect photos, head to a mountain on the western side of the lake. A rocky hike will lead you to the top, so mountain boots and some scrambling skills are recommended. Here is the route to the breathtaking viewpoint.

Viewpoint Lake of Bled