Lake Jasna
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Lake Jasna

The town of Kranjska Gora has a beautiful lake: Lake Jasna. Although Lake Jasna is called one lake, it is actually two connected lakes. Should you want to drive the route through the Vrsic mountain pass, you will pass this lake. If so, be sure to make a stop!

Swimming in Jasna Lake

In summer, the lake is a great place to be. You can sunbathe, take a dip in the water or have a drink at the lake’s catering establishments. As the lake consists of two parts, there is plenty of space in and around the lake. For children, there is also plenty to do around the lake. Take a photo at one of the photo points or with the statue of the Slovenian mythical goat Zlatorog.

Lake Jasna

Swimming with your dog

Both in Jasna lakes and in the river that runs alongside them, it is allowed to cool down your dog. Have a nice swim together!

Pisnica river near Jasna

Jasna:a lake for every season

In summer you can swim in Jasna Lake. You can also sunbathe on its shores or have a drink at the adjacent bars.

In autumn, the lake is a very photogenic place. The beautiful autumn colours reflect in the water. A wonderful place for a walk with your camera at the ready.

In winter, Jasna Lake turns into a picturesque place for ice skating, surrounded by a fairytale winter landscape.

And in spring, a visit to the lake is worthwhile. Again for a beautiful walk around the lake with the snow-capped peaks of the Triglav in the background and a view of the lake’s top through the crystal-clear water.

Parking at Jasna

Along the road you can park for free, but as these spaces are road limited, we recommend using one of the two car parks at Jasna. Unfortunately, these are paid parking.

By foot, it takes 5 minutes to walk from Kranjska Gora towards Lake Jasna via a well-maintained footpath along the main road. On Google maps, you can find Lake Jasna here