Hiking through the Vintgar Gorge
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The Vintgar Gorge

Near Bled you will find the beautiful Vintgar gorge. One of the most popular attractions in Slovenia. Everything you need to know before visiting the Vintgar gorge can be found here. Selected for you by people who often visit Slovenia themselves.

A 30-minute walk

In about 30 minutes you walk along the river, through the gorge. You walk downstream via wooden bridges between the high rock walls through the gorge. The path alternates between left and right, leading you safely along rock walls. Because you walk down via an excellently constructed path, it is a safe and easy walk of about 1.6 kilometres.

Along the way, you will encounter beautiful waterfalls and plenty of photo opportunities to capture this experience.

Return Route from Vintgar Gorge

Your hike through the Vintgar Gorge follows a one-way route. At the end, you’ll find a small coffee shop, but then the more challenging journey back begins. The walking route back to the starting point takes about an hour and requires quite a bit of uphill climbing. Again, the paths are in good condition, but for less experienced hikers, taking occasional breaks is recommended.

Waterfall in Vintgar Gorge

Transfer back

You can also opt for a paid transfer. A taxi will then take you back to the starting point where you parked your car. Transfers can be arranged in advance or on the spot at the exit of the Vintgar Gorge.

Ideal time to visit?

Especially in summer, the Vintgar Gorge is a popular attraction with tourists coming and going by bus. Therefore, our advice is to visit the gorge first thing in the morning or after 4pm. Then it is less crowded and you can walk more pleasantly also you do not have to queue for the entrance.

Tickets Vintgarten Gorge

To enter the gorge, you need to buy a ticket. You can already order your tickets online. Then you can join the ‘fast queue’ upon arrival. Especially on busy summer days, this saves waiting time.

The ticket is a ‘one-way ticket’. So you walk downstream through the gorge and arrange your own transfer back by car or hike. At the entrance to the gorge, you can pay by pin and cash. The prices below apply there:

Adults: €10
Seniors / Students: €7,-
Children 6-15 years: €3,-
Children under 6 years: €1,-
Dogs: €3,-

Parking at the Vintgarkloof

There are several car parks at the Vintgarkloof where you can pay to park. As tourists like to save parking fees, people also park along the roads. Due to nuisance, action is taken against this. So it is recommended to take the parking fee for granted. You pay between 5 and 10 euros. Often immediately ye pay with pin when entering the car park.

Frequently asked questions

Swimming and rafting in the Vintgar Gorge?

It is forbidden and also very dangerous to swim or raft in the Vintgar Gorge. The many rapids and waterfalls make it life-threatening. Also, the Vintgar gorge is in a protected nature reserve where, because of fragile nature, it is not allowed to deviate from the hiking trail. Swimming and rafting are better done at the Soca River.

Is filming with a drone allowed

No, drones are prohibited in the Vintgar Gorge. This is clearly marked at the entrance. Drones are also not allowed in the entire Triglav National Park.

Is the Vintgara Gorge wheelchair-friendly?

No, the Vintgara Gorge is not wheelchair-friendly. You are not even allowed to enter the gorge with a wheelchair, walker, buggy or pram. The paths have all kinds of steps and are sometimes narrow and run along rock faces. Small children can be taken in a baby carrier or sling.