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The most beautiful spots in Slovenia

Going on holiday to Slovenia? Then you’ll want to see the country’s coolest and most beautiful spots. And whether Slovenia has beautiful spots. The country is not called ‘Little Canada’ for nothing. We know the places in Slovenia that are breathtakingly beautiful. The ones you don’t want to miss.

Looking for the biggest sights? Then check out the Highlights of Slovenia.

Looking for the the unique places most tourists don’t know about? The undiscovered places in Slovenia? Then this is the place to be!

The 5 most beautiful spots in Slovenia that most people don’t know about.

Zelenci meertje

1: The most beautiful lake in Slovenia

If you go to Slovenia, of course you want to see Lake Bled. But our favourite lake is close to the Italian border: Lake Zelenci! This small lake is hidden in a forest along the main road. It has crystal-clear water and a real spring you can see bubbling from the top of the lake. The little lake in this small Zelenci nature reserve is truly a gem.

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Achter de waterval Peričnik

2: Hike behind the Peričnik Waterfall

From the idyllic village of Mojstrana, you have stunning views of the Triglav mountain range. But as you drive into the village, you come upon the road towards a unique waterfall. The Peričnik waterfall is a real experience. From the road it looks like a nice waterfall, but if you take the short mountain hike along the path towards the waterfall you will discover something special. The waterfall turns out to be a huge waterfall that clatters down, but which you can also walk behind. A unique experience to photograph each other through the waterfall.

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Soča rivier

3: Soča rapids

The azure water of se Soča River originates in the mountains of the Triglav. Just before the town of Bovec you will find a beautiful rapids where the water flows between huge white rocks. In the gorge and between the boulders, you can see large fish as if floating in the water. A wonderful combination of both the power and beauty of nature.

This gorge in the Soča River is an impressive place for a photo, and just dozens of metres away, a lovely place for refreshment on a summer day. There, the cool clear mountain water flows through the wider river where you can paddle and it is shallow enough to cool your whole body without problems.

Pad door de Pokljuka Kloof

4: Pokljuka Gorge

Near Bled, you’ll find a hiking area in Triglav National Park that most tourists don’t know about. An area where you descend between the rocks to do a beautiful hike along rock walls and very beautiful nature. Walk across a bridge along a cliff face, walk through a cave whose path leads through the roof and enjoy the peace and nature. Pokljuka Gorge is free to enter, not crowded and offers you a unique experience. You start your hike from a car park that you reach via a country road. The route is narrow and thus not recommended with a motorhome. Find the starting point here.

Waterval Kozjak

5: Waterfall Slap Kozjak

Slovenia is bursting with beautiful waterfalls. One even higher than the other. Everywhere you see the word ‘Slap’ it’s Slovenian for waterfall. Near the town of Kobarid, you will find a waterfall in a limestone cave. This waterfall is not impressive in size. Viewing the waterfall is an enchanting experience. Surrounded by a limestone cave, a beautiful waterfall falls down. You hike towards this waterfall in half an hour. Along the way, you are treated to a beautiful route past several beautiful waterfalls. Find the waterfall on Google Maps here.

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More scenic spots:

  • Rakov Skocjan
  • Krizna Jama (cave with lakes)
  • Sunikov Vodni Gaj
  • Pohorje Framski
  • Slap Skalca
  • Slap Veliki
  • Sumik
  • Bistriski Vintgar
  • Smartinsko
  • Jezero Rogla
  • Lovrenska Jezera black lakes at 1500m.
  • Stanjel