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Is Slovenia expensive?

Slovenia is a beautiful country that is often overlooked as a holiday destination. A question I often hear is, “Is Slovenia expensive?” You’ll find the answer here! Find out why Slovenia is a perfect destination if you’re looking for a nice affordable holiday.

Affordable accommodation

Slovenia has accommodation in many types and price ranges. Looking for a luxury hotel? Or even a private holiday home with pool? It’s there! But there are also budget-friendly hostels. Many Slovenians also rent out part of their homes as flats. So you will regularly see the Slovenian word ‘Appartma’ when driving through villages.

Even in the popular tourist areas, there are plenty of affordable options. Do expect simple furnishings with colours that remind you of 20 years ago. You won’t find much boutique chic in Slovenia yet.

Affordable dining out and on the terrace

Food in the supermarket is comparable to the Netherlands in terms of offering and price. But when you step into a café or restaurant, it is very different!

Fortunately. Food and drinks are much cheaper than in the Netherlands. Of course, nearby tourist spots charge higher prices than in the restaurants where Slovenians themselves like to eat.

Cheap drinks: Beer and wine

Slovenia is known for its own Slovenian wines. In a local restaurant, you charge for them per 0.1 litre. And you can order such a glass from as little as €1.20. Then you have a delicious glass of wine, for the price of a glass of water in the Netherlands.

Beer in Slovenia goes by the half-litre. Especially Läsko and Union are the famous Slovenian beer brands. No need to skip a terrace for that. For a 0.5-litre bottle or glass, you pay an average of €2.50. For such a price, your beer tastes extra good in the hospitality sector, of course!

Cheap coffee on the terrace!

For less than €2 you can order a good cup of coffee or cappuccino on the terrace. And you often get a glass of water with it as standard. Not expensive at all if you compare it with prices in the Netherlands!

Cheap and convenient transport options

Travelling within Slovenia is easy and affordable. The country is compact, so you won’t spend a lot of time and money travelling. Public transport, such as trains and buses, is efficient and offers an excellent way to explore the country on a limited budget. Moreover, renting a car is very inexpensive, especially in the low season. In the Capital Ljubljana, you can travel cheaply and easily by public transport with the Urbana card. The Slovenian public transport chip card, for several people.

Free and affordable activities

In Slovenia, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have fun. The country is rich in natural beauty, with breathtaking mountains, enchanting lakes, and picturesque villages. There are plenty of hiking and cycling trails. You can explore these for free. You can also visit many popular attractions for free.