There’s plenty for children to experience in Slovenia as well. We’ve listed the attractions and outings you can enjoy with your children here. These excursions are enjoyable not only for kids but also for adults. This will make your vacation a great success!


Sights of Slovenia

What is there to do in Slovenia? Of course, Slovenia is the country with unparalleled nature. The Triglav National Park and the lakes of Slovenia cannot be missing from your…
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Nature Slovenia

Lake Velenje

A beautiful small lake in north-east Slovenia for relaxation, cooling and water fun? That’s the small lake near the town of Velenje. Swimming in the Velenje Lake? The lake has…
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Nature Slovenia

Lake Bohinj

Located in Triglav National Park, Lake Bohinj is a true paradise. It’s the largest lake in Slovenia with crystal-clear water, inviting you for a refreshing swim, especially during the summer…
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Adventure with the Kids

Slovenia is filled with incredible experiences that will leave both young and old in awe. So, are you ready for a vacation that enchants your entire family?

Nature as a Playground

Slovenia’s nature is like a massive playground for your kids. Imagine magical mountains, fairytale forests, glistening lakes, and mysterious caves. Have you ever thought about the enchanting Lake Bled? There, a boat trip to the island and an adventurous castle walk await you!

Learning and Fun in Museums

In Slovenia’s museums, you’ll not only learn but also laugh and play. The National Museum of Natural History in Ljubljana takes you on an interactive journey through nature. And that Technical Museum in Bistra? It’s full of cool discoveries about technology and science that will surely captivate curious minds.

Splash Fun and Exciting Adventures

The crystal-clear rivers and lakes in Slovenia? They’re perfect for unforgettable water adventures. How about a paddle session on Lake Bohinj? Or an adrenaline rush with kayaking on the Soca River? And you know, those Postojna Caves aren’t averse to a bit of mysterious detective work for curious young Sherlocks.

Kid-Friendly Accommodation

In Slovenia, everything revolves around families. You can see this in the child-friendly accommodations spread throughout the entire country. From cozy guesthouses to spacious apartments, and of course, the fantastic campgrounds. There’s plenty of room for all of you!

Slovenia isn’t just a destination; it’s a playground for the whole family. It’s about discovering, learning, and having fun together. So: Go Slovenia, especially with your kids!