Watermill in TMS museum

Sights of Slovenia

What is there to do in Slovenia? Of course, Slovenia is the country with unparalleled nature. The Triglav National Park and the lakes of Slovenia cannot be missing from your holiday. But beyond nature, what is there to do in Slovenia? Which sights are worth visiting even when the sun isn’t shining. The sights below add depth to your visit to Slovenia, even when it rains.

Engineering museum TMS

A big surprise in Slovenia is the impressive engineering museum TMS. Located near the village of ‘Verd’ below the capital Ljubljana, you wouldn’t expect a museum of this size. Be surprised by a huge collection of cars, motorbikes and agricultural vehicles. But that’s just the beginning. Discover water pumping stations, wood processing and even wildlife of Slovenian nature.

Cars in TMS museum

The museum is fun for young and old. It is a great journey of discovery that we don’t want to reveal too much about. Weather permitting, you can enjoy the beautiful garden and water flow through the museum grounds. And in bad weather the wander through this rather large complex. Highly recommended!

Postojna caves

The cave system located near the town of Postojna is so impressive that it lures many people deep into the mountains. Due to the sheer size of the many gigantic ‘rooms’ the cave system has, I would recommend it even for people with claustrophobia. Concerts are even organised in these caves, that’s how big they are.

Apart from the big one, of course, the cave system is an impressive cathedral of stalactites and stalagmites. The metre-high stalactites form a surreal landscape far underground. The tour of the caves starts with a ride in an open train to get to the most beautiful spots of the cave system. From here, you take a walk through the many chambers of the caves with a guide telling you about the history and special way the caves were created. Your walk ends with another train ride back to the open air. ” Read practical tips for your visit to The Postojna Caves here

Besides Postojna, Slovenia has many more beautiful caves. ” Check out the most beautiful caves in Slovenia

Military Museum in Pivka

Another fascinating place in Slovenia is the Military Museum in Pivka. This museum offers an intriguing journey through Slovenia’s short history. Admire the collection of historic tanks, armoured vehicles and weapons that give you an insight into how the small country held its own. Discover how Slovenia managed to escape the Yugoslavia War thanks to the 3-day war.

Fighter plane in Pivka museum

Step back in time how Slovenia broke free from the Soviet era and developed into a modern and intelligent country. Listen to stories that bring to life the courage and sacrifices of those who served their country. Also outside the complex, see the giant steam train and other impressive vehicles that were simply too big for a place in the museum.

Whether the weather is bright or a rainy day, the Military Museum in Pivka offers you an educational and immersive adventure you won’t soon forget. The museum is an interesting outing for both children and adults.

Visit a castle

Slovenia has an array of beautiful castles. Some even date back to the 13th century. Imagine yourself in the time of knights and discover the extraordinary stories that circulate about these ancient structures. We made a list of castles worth visiting.

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