Even underground, you can find natural wonders in Slovenia. The impressive cave systems are like cathedrals, their beauty entirely owed to nature. Witness the gigantic stalactites and stalagmites. Behold the underground rivers and even subterranean waterfalls. Discover the stunning caves in Slovenia. They are more than the most famous ones: the Postojna Caves and the Škocjan Caves.

The Most Beautiful Caves in Slovenia:

Nature Slovenia

Cave: the Zhupanova Cave

This cave may not be as well known as the Postojna cave or the Škocjan caves, but trust me, it is definitely worth a visit! Where can you find this…
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Nature Slovenia

Postojna caves

Slovenia also has beautiful nature to offer underground. The Postojna Caves are a cave system of unprecedented magnitude. Prepare for an unforgettable adventure as you explore the mysterious passageways, stalactite…
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Nature Slovenia

Škocjan caves

Discover underground rivers and stalactite formations in Škocjan caves. Feast your eyes. So beautiful and impressive what nature can do. Tickets for Škocjan Caves It’s best to buy in advance…
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Slovenia: Land of Caves

In Slovenia, there are more than 13,000 caves to be found. Not all of them are accessible. However, the soft limestone terrain in parts of Slovenia has led to the formation of impressive canyons, rock formations, and beautiful caves.

Formed by Underground Rivers

Underground rivers have carved out extensive networks of passages and chambers over time. More than 20 caves are accessible to the public.

The Most Famous Caves of Slovenia

The most famous accessible caves include the Škocjan Caves, the Križna Caves, and the enchanting Vilenica Cave. And let’s not forget the renowned Postojna Cave. This immense cave system is an absolute must-see.
When visiting Slovenia, be sure to explore one or more caves. We have selected a number of caves in Slovenia for you on this page. Which caves will make your vacation in Slovenia even more special?