Zupanova cave
Nature Slovenia

Cave: the Zhupanova Cave

This cave may not be as well known as the Postojna cave or the Škocjan caves, but trust me, it is definitely worth a visit!

Where can you find this cave?

Just below Ljubljana near the town of Grosuplje, you will find this Županova (jama) cave. Jama is the Sovean word for Cave. The cave is called the most beautiful cave in the Dolenjska region. The Županova cave is easy to find, as the entrance is near the Grosuplje-Turjak road.

What to expect

The cave is 330 metres long and goes to a depth of 122 metres. To explore the beauty of this cave, you will have to descend 478 stairs and follow a 600-metre path. But trust me, it is worth every step! The cave has six chambers and contains all the wonders you would expect from a karst cave: chasms, tunnels, all kinds of stalactites, shallow limestone sinter pools and even ice stalactites in winter.

Tours of the cave

You won’t find mass tourism at this cave yet. Consequently, guided tours are limited. Every weekend and on public holidays there are guided tours at 3pm. In addition, guided tours are given throughout the year for groups of more than five people. These tours are available in both Slovenian and English, but remember to make an appointment in advance. Check out this cave’s website at zupanovajama.si

Turjak Castle

Near this cave you will also find Turjak Castle. A settlement from the 13th century. An impressive castle whose visit can be well combined with a tour of the Županova cave.

If you’re looking for a unique cave experience in Slovenia, Županova Jama is definitely worth a visit. It is less touristy than some of the other caves, which means you can enjoy the underground wonders in peace and quiet. Have fun and safe travels!