The Tolmin Gorge
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The Tolmin Gorge

In the south of Triglav National Park you will find the town of Tolmin. And the gorge near this place is the reason why many come here. The Tolmin Gorge is one of Slovenia’s most popular natural wonders. So our advice is to definitely visit this gorge. Why? You can read about that in this blog.

Little bridge in the Tolmin Gorge

Fairyland in the Tolminkloof Gorge

Between the rock walls of the Tolmin gorge, you imagine yourself in another world. Whether there are gnomes, hobbits or smurfs, we cannot say for sure. But how beautiful it is in the Tolmin gorge.

Idyllic bridges over crystal-clear water, beautiful nature and imposing rock formations. That’s a brief summary of your experience in the Tolmin gorge.


Emerald-blue water

The clear mountain water flowing through the gorge turns emerald blue. How this water flows through along the rocks of the gorge gives unreal but beautiful spectacle. The glare of the sun completes the magic. This cannot be captured in a photograph. You want to experience the Tolmin Gorge for yourself!

Blue water in the Tolmin Gorge

Walk through the deepest gorge

A hike through the Tolmin Gorge is very varied. Steps, bridges, even short tunnels. You don’t walk along one route, but there are several different paths. At the entrance, you can get a map so you can choose your own route for your visit.

The Tolmin Gorge is not very big. There is a well-constructed path, but if you don’t have good mobility, a visit to the gorge is not recommended. The paths are not suitable for wheelchairs, walkers or pushchairs. Dogs are welcome (free of charge) in the gorge.

Bears head

An unusual rock formation can be seen in the gorge. Sandwiched between two rock walls, Bears Head hangs at a height of a few metres. This block got stuck during a fall down. The block owes its name to its shape: the shape of a bear’s head.

Bears Head

Tickets Tolminkloof

The entrance fee for the Tolmin Gorge varies during the year.
Tickets can be bought on site or ordered online via the Olaii website

Ticket prices (2023)Mar, Apr
Oct, Nov
May, Jun
Jul, Aug
Adults (16 )€ 6,00€ 8,00€ 10,00
Child (6 – 15 yrs)€ 3,00€ 4,00€ 5,00
Child (0 – 5 yrs)€ 1,00€ 1,00€ 1,00
Student / Senior / Group€ 5,00€ 6,00€ 8,00
In July and August, you pay the spring rate after 16:00. Dogs have free access.

Your route through the gorge is a one-way ticket. You leave the gorge via stairs that lead all the way to the top of the gorge. Here you walk back to the car park via the public road.

Best time and period?

The best time to go to the gorge is around 10am in the morning. Then it is still quiet. The gorge is open from 9am. In high season, even at 8am.

In the summer months and September, nature in the gorge is at its best. But the Tolmin Gorge is also worth a visit in the other months!

The Devil’s Bridge

On the way back, you walk across a steel bridge called “Devil’s Bridge”. This bridge crosses the Tolmin Gorge at a height of 60 metres. From the bridge, you have a great view of the Tolminkloof.

Tolmin Gorge from the bridge

Free parking at P2

At P1, you can pay parking close to the entrance. At car park P2, north of the village of Tolmin, you can park for free. A shuttle bus runs back and forth here daily from 10 to 16 to take you to the Tolmin Gorge entrance. Walking is also possible, then it’s a 10-minute walk to the entrance. Your dog is not allowed on the bus, so it is a short walk from P2.

In Google maps, you can find Car Park P1 and Car Park P2 here

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