The Tolmin Gorge
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Walk through a gorge in Slovenia

You get the ultimate experience of Slovenia’s beautiful nature on a gorge hike. We take you to well-known gorges such as the Vintgar Gorge and the Tolmin Gorge. But did you know that Slovenia has many more beautiful gorges where you can enjoy the beautiful nature while hiking?

What do you think is the most beautiful gorge in Slovenia?

The Tolmin Gorge

Tolmin Gorge is like a painting come to life. With clear blue water flowing through the rocky gorge and green vegetation clinging to the walls, it almost seems as if heaven and earth meet here.

Admire the view from a hanging bridge and breathe in the fresh mountain air as you feel surrounded by the overwhelming natural beauty.

The Tolmin Gorge

The Tolmin Gorge is called the most beautiful gorge in Slovenia by many. Would you like to experience it?
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The Vintgar Gorge

Imagine walking through a fairytale book – something you will experience in the Vintgar Gorge. Emerald green water flows between the high rocks, creating enchanting views at every turn.

The sound of babbling water will accompany you as you walk across wooden bridges and hiking trails, surrounded by lush forests and the sound of rippling water in rapids and waterfalls.

Hiking through the Vintgar Gorge

The Vintgar Gorge is one of the most popular places in Slovenia for a reason. Read our tips for your visit to The Vintgar Gorge

Pokljuka Gorge

Close to Bled lies a wonderful hiking area that most visitors have yet to discover. The Pokljuka Gorge is accessible free of charge. Unlike crowded tourist spots, you can enjoy nature in peace here.

Take an unforgettable hike past majestic rock walls and beautiful nature. Hike across a bridge that runs along an impressive rock face, make your way through a cave where the path winds through the roof and be enchanted by the serene tranquillity of the surroundings.

Path through the Pokljuka Gorge

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Dovžan Gorge

North of the town of Tržič, you will find a beautiful route between the mountain walls. A public road runs through the Dovžan Gorge. So you don’t need to buy a ticket for the Entrance. It is a beautiful area for a hike.

Rainfall in 2023 damaged the route. This reveals the power of water from this normally idyllic river Tržič Bistrica


The Dovžan Gorge

The Soča Gorge (Small Soča Gorge)

The Soča River flows along the road from the Vrsič Pass towards Bovec. Halfway down, the river flows through a metre-deep gorge. Several bridges along the road allow you to see the clear blue water churning through the gorge.

A little further on, the gorge widens into a babbling river in which you can swim. The end of the narrow gorge offers a beautiful rock formation from which daredevils can take a dip.

Here you will find parking (paid) at the part where you can swim. You can also walk back along the gorge from there.

Soca river

Lose yourself in the magic of Slovenia’s Gorges!

Slovenia’s gorges are more than just impressive natural formations – they are gateways to another world. Discover that world where the power of nature prevails and beauty is all around you. Whether you are an adventurer looking for excitement or a nature lover looking to relax and enjoy. Go out and experience the splendour of Slovenia’s gorges.