Krsnko Jezero mountain lake
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Krsnko Jezero Lake

A beautiful mountain lake, that’s Krsnko Jezero. The lake is in the middle of Triglav National Park, near Kobarid. You can only get to this lake via a considerable mountain hike from 700 altitude. The hiking trail starts from Lepena, mountain hut Dom Dr Klementa Juga. There, the asphalt road uphill stops.

The hike is a hefty climb and recommended only for trained mountain hikers. You climb up some 700 metres during the hike. Preferably start early in the day. Then you can make the hike up in 2 hours (one way).

Slovenia’s highest lake

Lake Krsnko is located at an altitude of 1,400 metres. It is the largest alpine lake in Slovenia. Around the lake you have beautiful views of the mountains.

From the lake, you can also climb to the top of mountain ‘Krn’. Count on a 3h one-way route.

No swimming in Lake Krsnko

Swimming in the lake is not allowed due to its rich biodiversity.

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