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Speed limit Slovenia

You’d rather take photos of your holiday yourself. Getting caught speeding won’t make your holiday any more fun. So here is an overview of the speed limits in Slovenia. And tips on how to avoid fines.

How fast can you drive in Slovenia?

At every border crossing, you will find a sign with the maximum speeds in Slovenia. Here is a brief summary.

Speed limit Slovenia

Inside built-up area: 50 km/h

Outside built-up areas: 90 km/h

On Express roads (blue): 110 km/h

On Motorways (green): 130 km/h

Bord met Maximum snelheid in Slovenië

Road signs

The built-up area is indicated by yellow place name signs. Sometimes you will also come across 70 km/h stretches. These are clearly indicated with signs.

Motorways are indicated by green signs at entrances and exits. These include the A1 and A2 motorways, where the maximum speed is 130 km/h. Note: a lower speed limit often applies around tunnels. Sometimes there are also speed cameras before the tunnel entrance.

Speed cameras in Slovenia

You will not find many fixed speed cameras in Slovenia. You will mainly find them in built-up areas. Pay attention to your speed.

Mobile speed cameras are also often placed in the verge of road works on the motorway. Sometimes even several in a row.

Avoid fines in Slovenia

There are more things to watch out for while driving to avoid fines.

Drive with your lights on

All day in Slovenia, it is compulsory to have your car’s lights on. If you drive without lights, you will notice Slovenians signalling at you along the road or as oncoming traffic. Driving without lights can get you a fine!

Only with a vignette on the motorway

Only a toll vignette allows you to enter the motorway in Slovenia. This Vignette is not a sticker, but a registration of your license plate which you can arrange online at the DARS. Arrange this prior to your holiday via the DARS website to avoid a fine. Read all about the Slovenia toll vignette.