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Slovenia toll vignette

All motorways in Slovenia are toll roads. If you just want to drive your car on a motorway in Slovenia, you will need a vignette. This vignette is available online, in Slovenia and at a petrol station along the motorway just before the border. If you enter Slovenia via the Karawank Tunnel, for example, without a valid vignette, it will cost you 300 euros immediately!

Buy a vignette for Slovenia

You can buy a toll vignette as a sticker at petrol stations just before border crossings. But buying your vignette online is much easier. Only buy your vignette directly from the Slovenian government organisation DARS. You can even buy your vignette 30 days in advance.

Buy your vignette here

Buy your vignette directly from the Slovenian government body DARS.
This is the official website for buying your vignette.

» https://evinjeta.dars.si/en

Which vignette is needed?

Your vignette has a limited validity. Choose a 7-day or 30-day vignette. If you are passing through, two separate vignettes may be more economical. There are different classes of vignettes. Class 1 for motorbikes. Class 2A for passenger cars. And Class 2B heavy cars such as motorhomes.

What does a toll vignette for Slovenia cost?

Vignette prices vary according to validity period.
For a normal passenger car (vignette 2A) you pay:

7 days€ 16,-
30 days€ 32,-
365 days€ 117,50
Cars over 3500kg pay double the rate (this is Vignette 2B)

Is the toll for the Karavanke Tunnel included?

For passage through the Karavanke Tunnel towards Austria you pay a toll. This toll is completely separate from your motorway toll vignette for Slovenia. If you go through this tunnel, you need a valid motorway toll vignette for both Slovenia and Austria anyway. Otherwise, you will be fined!

Also get your vignette for Austria online?

Your trip to Slovenia will most likely take you through Austria. You can also pay both the vignette and tunnel toll fees online for Austria. You can buy the Austrian vignette online at least three weeks before the effective date due to ‘buy-by-distance’ return rights. (This does not apply if you buy the vignette for business).

All vignettes and toll tunnels

If you are driving from Munich towards Ljubljana, Bled or Kranjska Gora. Then you will probably take the route through Austria and the Karawank Tunnel. You will then face the following costs of vignettes and toll tunnels;

  1. A motorway vignette in Austria
  2. A motorway vignette in Slovenia
  3. Toll for the Karawank Tunnel (€7.80 each way)
  4. On the way through the Tauern Tunnel in Austria (€13.50 each time)

You pay a toll every time you go through the tunnel. Back and forth. And you also pay each time if it’s several times a day.

Toll vignette with rental car

If you rent a car in Slovenia, the toll vignette is almost always included. Renting a car in Austria, Italy or Croatia, and driving to Slovenia yourself? Then you need to arrange a valid toll vignette for your rental car yourself.