Discover the cities and villages of Slovenia. Where can you enjoy delicious food? What is there to do? Where is the best place to stay?
From the capital to mountain villages, from coastal towns to ski resorts. We have visited the most beautiful places in Slovenia for you and provide you with useful tips.

Popular cities and places in Slovenia:


What to do in Ljubljana?

Ljubljana is a compact city. So two days wandering around the city centre, you can forget about that. But what is there to do in Ljubljana? Tips for trips, attractions…
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Shopping in Ljubljana

The city center of Ljubljana is not the place to go for shopping. The center is not full of stores. You’ll find some stores in the center, but for shopping,…
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Nature Slovenia

Lake Bled

Slovenia’s most famous lake is Lake Bled. Some call Lake Bled ‘pure magic’. Surrounded by mountains, it offers a view that captures your heart. The island with church makes it…
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Discover the nicest cities in Slovenia. Where do you want to go? What is there to do? From the capital to coastal towns. Useful tips.