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Travel with your dog in Slovenia

Is Slovenia suitable for vacationing with your dog? Are Slovenians friendly to dogs? What should and shouldn’t you do with your dog in Slovenia? Everything you want to know for your trip with your dog through Slovenia can be found in this article.

Slovenia is a dog-friendly country. Most Slovenians love dogs. Many Slovenes have a dog themselves with which they enjoy walking and hiking in Slovenian nature. In many places in rivers and lakes your dog can swim and you are welcome with your dog.


In most places in Slovenia you are welcome with your dog.


Our own experience is that on the terrace our labarador is always welcome and almost everywhere without asking a bowl of water for the dog is brought. But we are also welcome in most restaurants with our dog. If your dog is restless, barks a lot or looks aggressive, your four-legged friend will be less welcome. But in general, quiet, well-behaved dogs are very welcome. They often even get a pet and a treat from the staff.


In hardware stores, you’ll see at the entrance that your dog is welcome, if leashed. Also in most pet stores in Slovenia your pet is allowed inside, just like in the Netherlands. In the supermarket your dog is usually not welcome for hygiene reasons. In case there is no sign with a pictogram. Then it is useful to know Slovenian terms.

Dog words translated from Slovene

The Slovenian word for dog is ‘pse’. And ‘psi’ is the plural ‘dogs’.

Psi dobrodošli = ‘Dogs welcome’

Psi na povodcu = ‘Dogs (if) on a leash’

Psi niso dovoljeni = ‘Dogs not allowed’.

Dogs on a leash?

In Slovenia, you don’t often see dogs running loose. No matter how well a dog listens, in most places Slovenians keep their dogs on a leash. Only in places where it is clearly marked that dogs may run loose, and of course on their own property will you see dogs running loose. A leash is a handy way to give your dog the necessary freedom while keeping him on a leash.

Dogs are welcome in

  • The Ljubljana zoo
  • Vintgar Gorge
  • Lake Bohinj
  • Lake Jasna
  • Funicular up to Ljubljana Castle area (with a muzzle)

No dogs allowed?

In some places dogs are not allowed. In the famous caves like Postojna and Škocjan you can not bring your dog. Škocjan park can be entered, just not the guided tour in the caves.

Also in most museums dogs are not allowed. Although dogs are allowed in the area around the Ljubljana castle. You can not bring them inside.

GPS for your dog?

We put a GPS tracker on our dog. That way we always know where she is. The green box in the picture is such a tracker. That way, even when she runs loose, we know for sure that we can find her again.