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Hiking near Bovec

The region around Bovec is known for the Soča river that runs through it. But you can also hike beautifully in the area. On this page, some hiking trails near Bovec.

Šunikov vodni Gaj

The Šunik ‘water forest’ is a nice place for a beautiful walk. In about an hour, you will walk past many small waterfalls and emerald blue pools.

Sunikov vodni Gaj is located in the Lepena valley. From Bovec, drive towards Lepena and you can park at a small car park at Šunikov vodni gaj. From here you can just follow the signs. You first walk a bit straight ahead and then a round trip. The walk takes about an hour.

You can walk there on your trainers, but hiking boots might be easier. You will encounter lots of tree roots and loose stones on the route. On hot days, it is nice and cool in this ‘Waterbos’.

Waterfall at Šunikov water grove

The Soča Gorge

The Soča River is Bovec’s big crowd puller. The road towards Kranjska Gora follows the Soča to its origin. Several bridges along the road allow you to see the clear blue water churning through the gorge. But there is also the opportunity to walk along this gorge.

At the end of the gorge there is a parking area (paid). From here, you can walk along the gorge on a narrow ‘unofficial path’. We ourselves found the path along the gorge extremely dangerous at some points. But for daredevils, it is definitely a nice route. There are several footbridges across the gorge from where you can look beautifully between the rock walls and see the water churning.

Soca Gorge from a bridge